Community Integrated Paramedic (CIP)

Highlands Fire District (HFD) is embarking on a new program to help our residents return home from the hospital and avoid costly readmission. We are beginning our Community Integrated Paramedic (CIP) program. This program involves your doctor enrolling you in the system after a hospitalization or surgery. Then you can be followed by one of our highly trained Community Paramedics. We work with your doctor to get you back on your feet and regain your independence. We work with Northern Arizona Healthcare to provide this program. We want you back home where you belong instead of in the hospital. This program saves you money and time away from friends and family.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Another program we are implementing is Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), Access to Care. We are a participant in this program working with the Coconino County Health Department and North Country Healthcare. With this program, we have access to a large data bank that can help us help you resolve your need or problem. We can assist in many different areas, utilizing various agencies in Northern Arizona.