“The Highlands Fire District has a long tradition of commitment to service and community. We are driven by our mission, guided by our values, and strive to exceed your expectations every time you need us.”
― Chief Todd Miller

Fire Board

The Board of Directors administers the affairs of the Highlands Fire District (HFD) acting on behalf of its citizens to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the Fire District. The Fire Board conducts business in compliance with a multitude of state laws, many of which were enacted in Chapter 5 of Title 48 of Arizona Revised Statutes. The Fire Board is responsible for employing the Fire Chief to manage all aspects of the District.

Fire Chief

Chief Todd Miller serves as the District’s Fire Chief. He oversees all personnel, and formulates management strategies to ensure the proper, efficient, and ethical completion of organizational goals. In addition to providing leadership and oversight for operational functions, he takes an active role to promote public awareness and provide support to organizations and programs for the advancement of public safety throughout the State.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services manages Human Resources, Records Management, and provides administrative support. Under the direction of the Fire Chief, Ms. Jayme Jones, Administrative Assistant III, produces HR policies, Board meeting minutes, legal notices, the Strategic Plan, and newsletter. In addition, Jayme manages central records, public information, the website, and other administrative support responsibilities.

Finance Services

Finances Services manages the District’s financial obligations and provides administrative support. Under the direction of Fire Chief, Mrs. Robyn Wilson, Finance Manager, produces monthly financial reports and annual budgets for the Fire Board’s review and adoption. In addition, Robyn handles payroll, accounts payable, wildfire invoicing, and other administrative support responsibilities.